Monday, 5 February 2007

tech thoughts

I feel that the two technologies gonna rule the tech world in the near future. That two technologies are:
1. The virutualization
2. Web N.0 & related
This is a bold declaration. You might have already known. But i have my reservations on weather this will be the tech to go for or not. I love to see a desktop ver. OS which is build around the web. My dream m/c would be like:
  • Boot in a flash, b'cos there will very little services that needed to started for a web centered desktop OS.
  • Make the browser, the center of all activity from IM, IRC, mail, Office Suite, web development (ssh into your a/c provided by your service provider & do your development works). I Think java applet can used to build ssh to do ssh from browser.
So this gonna lead to the proliferation of the data-centers, which means system administrator are going to be under limelight. The 2 tech i mentioned about leads to the same point the web N.0 . Virtualization on hardware side & web based apps on the software side. This brings networking to be under focus in research areas. With the proliferarion of broadband interent On-demand becomes more a feasible, who knows might be become a reality.