Monday, 11 June 2007

East or West Ubuntu is the Best

The good thing about Ubuntu is that its a derivative of Debian hence it inherits the good qualities of it parent distro, Debian. Debian has a wonderful package management system called deb. The tools that are build around deb are excellent like apt-get, synaptic, etc. The Fedora , OpenSuse & similar guys may claim that their rpm is just as good as deb, but they are wrong. I have used both Fedora & Ubuntu hence i speak from my experience. The apt-get is far superior to yum in fedora. IMHO Yum sucks. Its too slow & their are almost always news of conflicting repositories. The packages that you want are almost always available in conflicting repositories. Fedora has very poor documentation of it own & people using it have to depends on paid version to know things, which to me seems a ugly hack.

Apart from that Ubuntu has its very own nice things like Upstart, Launchpad & Rosetta which you are unlikely to find any equivalents in Fedora or OpenSuse. The Novell - Microsoft deal makes feel bad about Novell products, hence i don't like OpenSuse.

Ubuntu & Tamizh

As i am a Tamilian & hence Tamizh in Ubuntu makes it exiting & interesting . This part is all about how to make obtain & use tamizh localisation in Ubuntu. Lets assume you want to read tamizh article found in the Internet like dinamalar, ananda vikatan, etc & you are using firefox as the default browser, as its the case in ubuntu. If this is the case then you do not need to install any tamizh fonts to read it. Then all you need to install is padma. Padma is an extension to firefox that allows you to read tamizh text without installing fonts. You can find padma from this url . I have used padma for quiet some time & i am really impressed with it. Padma not only renders tamizh, but also quiet a few other south Indian languages like telugu, kannada & malayalam. It support is quiet limited at the moment (ie., it doesn't render all available language texts but most) but it quiet sufficient for me.

Lets assume you want to send a e-mail typed in tamizh. It quiet feasible in ubuntu (for that matter any linux distro). You can type in tamil with scim. Synaptic is best for installing scim (or any package in ubuntu). Install tamil locale with synaptic. Good thing about scim is, if you select tamil phonetic, then you dont have to know tamil typing to type. You can type tamil in english & it will appear in tamil For example typing ammaa will appear as அம்மா. I Hope you enjoy the tamil experience with ubuntu

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  1. Don't compare ubuntu to any other Linux distro, compare it to Windows and mac. More or less all linux distributions are same. RHEL and SuSe Enterprise Linux are as stable as ubuntu LTS. It is better we make ubuntu popular in windows world.

    thanks for the blog