Thursday, 28 June 2007

Some tools i find usefull

Google toolbar is the first i gonna take a look. One thing i didn't know is that google suggestion can be used as a calculator. Here is how Simply type in the equation (e.g. 243 + 5,234) in the search box and the answer appears in the drop down menu of suggested search options (e.g. = 5477).

Next gonna look at is firefox home page functionality that can be found in tools -> Preference -> Main -> Home Page. The cool thing is you can set firefox home to multiple website. So when you fireup firefox it will open multiple website site simultaneously in multiple tabs. This is usefull if you visit mutliple site often. For example i would check my mail , check on the news, etc SO it saves me time. Here is how. Go to homepage section in preference, in the text box enter the addresses of your preferred pages separated by a pipe or the “|”.

Next tip has less to do with computers & more to do with human health. People with long pc viewing hours will most like suffer from the cvs a.k.a Computer Vision Syndrome. Those viewing pc monitor for more than 4 a day are more likely to be affected. Here are a few ways to beat cvs:
  • Use 20:20:20 formula i.e., For every 20 min for 20 sec blink alteast 20 times
  • Computer screen should be 20 deg below eye level
  • The screen should 16-30inch (~75cm) away from you.
  • Avoid breezy placeses while working with a computer as this may increases chances of eye drieness
  • Use of lubricating eye drop provide moisturing relief to your eyes, which have become dry & irrtated by working for long hours on the compuer

Next tip is about the linux. Some tools i find useful for linux user are:

  • cat /proc/version : Display Linux kernel version in use.
  • cat /etc/issue : Display Ubuntu Linux Release.
  • uname -r : Print system information
  • vmstat : Reports detailed memory usage data
  • cat /proc/meminfo : Show memory size and usage.

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