Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Does tools really simplify our life or ... ?

The (below graph & a note on Law of leaky abstraction) articles i found on a blog make for an interesting inference. I always had this question lingering in my mind. Are we complicating things by trying to make complicated stuff look & operate simpler by providing a layer of abstraction thats far from the truth. Take car driving for example i am sure more than 80% of car driving people don't know the exact mechanics of how car works. Although they dont have to know, but i feel something can go extremely wrong when there are lots of these unknown variables in our life. Imagine what would happen if lots of unknown variables takes a negative turn in one life at the same time. Then it would mean disaster , for almost no fault of his. I know i being a little paranoid, but this can happen (most probably had happened many number of times)

(graph from Creating Passionate Users )

A note on Law of leaky Abstraction:

(from The Law of Leaky Abstractions - Joel on Software)

One reason the law of leaky abstractions is problematic is that it means that abstractions do not really simplify our lives as much as they were meant to.