Monday, 10 January 2011

aadukalam, vim

I recently got a opportunity to listen to songs of tamil film aaduklam. One song "ayyayo" impresed me a lot. Like i am hearing for the 10th time in the same day. Last week i was learning about the VIM. I think i have become a sort of power user of vim , though there is still a long way to become expert vim users. Thing i liked much in vim is the :r !"shellcmd" option. It is awesome. In my office we use microsoft exchange as our mail server and we are using windows 7 with outlook for emailing. I like to know how to use vim as my editor for emailing . Not copy pasting but replacing the default editor with vim. Or is it possible to configure mutt as the exchange client with vim as the editor. Though i have mastered the editing options of vim. Things that are still pending to learn from vim are vimrc , vim plugins.