Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Book titled "How to win friends and influence people" by dale carniege is rubbish

I happened to come across a audio book of the classic book wrote i think in 1930's by dale carniege . It is i heard that have sold more than a million copies and have been translated into a dozen of languages. I think it is the title which caused the book to sell so much and so much fame. But in reality it is garbage. I learnt the lesson that not to believe the title or fame to know about the book. But the problem is how will i know if the book is what it claims to be. This problem remains unsolved. may be as time goes on i will find a answer to it. basically why i can think book as rubbish is , It assumes that humans are endlessly manipulatable. Which i feel is fundamentally flawed concept. if the result of our actions and their response can be guessed . Then what difference does it make from humans and robots. Are we so silly ? I feel human mind should be shown some respect and should not be treated so lowly as this author does. This book does not deserve this fame and respect. The existence of this book is a shame on us. As with any book i read. I didnt come to conclusion early on. I came to conclusion after completely listening to the book. I was cursing myself when listening to this book.

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