Tuesday, 20 September 2011

learning wish list

As i see , the following technologies interest me and i have some pretty good knowledge of these, varying from intermediate to novice. Now i want to make myself updated so that i can become a expert in the following technologies. I know the below cannot be achieved in short and this is going to be a long term process. But as i they say if you fail to plan then you are planing for failure. So i am doing my part planing for future to avoid failure.

  •  Python 3 (the latest version of python, that breaks away from most popular python , ver 2.x) I wish to code in the best python implementation ever called python 3.x
  •  sed & awk : i know sed and awk pretty well. But to call myself a sed and awk master, still i have miles to travel. No matter how much you learn on these two, there will a geek out there in the Internet who would stun you with a puzzling one liner. I was stung by sed 1 liner found in sourceforge.net . Now i am taking sed seriously and started going through the entire sed manual to know about each and every option available and its implications on real world problem solving techniques.
  •  gentoo : i always wanted to be in control of my personal laptop environment. Meaning i want to be able to tweak it to the level i want to. But i had a original version of windows 7 64 bit loaded with original office 2010 that i bought a about week back. So it pains to loose windows after investing so much on it. luckily i found another way. I had two partitions in my lappy. I shrunk the second partition and now have a free space of about 50GB in from shrinking the D partition. Now i am ready to install gentoo. Going through the docs and figuring out myself on how to install gentoo the gentoo way of from 3rd stage tar ball and then compiling and building. i have tried twice when i was in chennai to install getoo on my desktop, then failed and then decided to   fail back to ubuntu. But i wont let this happen this time. I will move more slowly and more steadily , so that i achieve my goal of my own gentoo installation and max tuning to my liking
  • networking, junos and related : I have laura chappel video tutorial on TCP/IP and wireshark. I have to go through it one day and become myself conversant with troubleshooting network related issues. I have a book on junos. the future os of routers and switches or so the juniper claims. I love the junos from what i have seen. i  had the opportunity to work on a gateway router that ran on junos. Its configuration management is something that is simply superb. it was able to connect to v35 cable connector and web filtering, content filtering , IDP, VPN, etc. It lacks a god GUI. but compensates with a excellent CLI. I have a book on CCNA from cisco which i am reading so that i am good at the basics so that i can understand what junos is about and how to get around it.
  • CSS, HTML & javascript : i was always interested in wonderfully crafted websites. that dont have great functionality but has very good eye candy without the complex backend or something. i want to create a personal web site. I have a static ip and root access and have the httpd web server ready to serve the traffic. i can call myself a expert in httpd configuring, troubleshooting and tuenning. But i have only basic knowledge on html, css , flash, html5 , javascript and such designer technology that are at the front end. After working for years in backend technologies , i started to like the designer part and very much want to dive into front and show the awesomeness.
  • Mysql : very much interested in knowing mysql high availability . I mean in replication setup , troubleshooting and fine tuning. As of now i know replication setup to some extend. I can query them for basic queries but that servers my purpose, as i am not a developer who  is going to write complex sql query. Once i am done with mysql replication setup learning and if i am quite comfortable in  setting up mysql replication , then the next target for me is to study query optimization. Then mysql clustering. In that order.
  • Learn ethical hacking and OS hardening and all things security : I plan to do a post graduate diploma or degree on this subject. I also thinking of doing a course on security from SANS .
  • Server hardware : I find this is the most difficult of all. As there is very less material on the internet on this subject. Futher this is not a purely a CS subject. it involves heavy use of Electronics , electrical and lesser so on mechanical. mechnical for designing cooling. Very less need of a CS guy. But anyway i still want to know these and how to evaluate a server, etc.
  • C language - I was always facinated by how mcuh thigns C  can achive that is still not clearly achivable by other newer high eend languages like Java, Visal Baisc, perl, python, etc. After reading much review i settled upon a book called "C the complete reference" by hebert schild. 

I think by the time i complete the above, i can become the most coverted title of perfomance tuning expert or maybe even architect. This list is a big wishlist to me, but that does not stop me from trying to achieve it. I start the journey to scale mount Everest  may be one day i might reach there.

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