Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My efforts on trying to get android ice cream sandwich 4.0 on dell xcd35. Google chrome tip.

Android phone Dell XCD35 in india is known as orange sanfrancisco and zte blade in other parts of the world. It is one of the sub 10K INR phone with some pretty decent features, thanks to android for these features. I have been using this phone for quite some time now. I learnt a couple of things about android and this phone when i was trying to upgrade from 2.2 (froyo) to 4.0 (icecream sandwich) . First thing i notes was the first line of this post. Second thing i noted was android 3.0 is only for tablet pc's and not for mobiles. Third thing i noted was android 4.0 was a new one and was released about a month back and most existing phone dont have support yet, including my phone. And it will continue to be the case for long time. They say till early 2012, but i dont know what actually early equate to which month. I posted in a couple of android forum asking how to upgrade my mobile phone from froyo to icecream sandwich. But it seems to be not possible for now. For more details look at this post by me .

Update: XCD35 aka zte blade is just not powerful enough to support the hardware requirement for andriod 4. So no android 4.0 for the dell xcd35 users.

Google chrome tips:
In google chrome i tried deleting a entry in google chrome most visted page or speed dial page as known in opera. Altthough it is not immediately clear as how to delete it and also from my googling efforts. The answer is pretty simple, drag the entry to the bottom of chrome and you will find a trash icon appearing in bottom right corner, drop into it and viola the entry is gone.


  1. Hi I am an year old user of Dell xcd 35, I fed up of asking DELL People and forum moderators for official updates, but no response. So you are saying upgrading xcd35 to ICS 4.0 is not possible?.. or you tried anything....

    1. AFAIK it is not possible to upgrade xcd 35 to ICS. Do you have any proof to suggest it does.

  2. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)