Sunday, 27 November 2011

Todays wikipedia donation, youtube playlist and python , programming languages reflection

Today i made a 100INR donation to wikipedia. This is the second time since last month i have made donation to wikipedia. Today i gave feedback on what motivated me to give donation. Last time it was 5USD. I am heavily indepted to free and open source movement. Wikipedia is free quality knowledge. I learnt many thing during my initial days from wikipedia. wikipedia compensated for my lack of formal learning. Even now i consult wikipedia quite frequently. Though not in the same depth and volume as in intial days. I know no matter how much i donate to wikipedia , it wont be equal to the benefits i derived from it. So my small share to the ocean of knowledge for the benefit of the community, which helped me so much. Which is the reason for most of what i am today professionally.
For last couple of months i have been building this playlist in youtube of the songs i love. I originally copied a playlist then totally revised  with my songs. Now the playlist is fully my songs and i doubt there are any of the original songs in that playlist. I the last portion of the playlist is really awesome. I am proud of the playlist i build and it took me two months of hard work to build it.
I have been searching the web today to find out the programming language that created most apps. I think that must be C. Since that is the one with long time span of life. hence has the opportunity to achieve that. But these oops have a important concept for long time now. So there must be many apps that are build with oops in mind. Which means C is loosing space. So now we have C++/java competing against C. So now i doubt it could be C++ or Java with more apps that C. Then now web programming is hitting a new high. With web programming hit highs the javascript is shooting to prominence. javascript is dynamic interepreted language . Which has rapid development cycles which means there could have been more apps created in shorter span than those achieved by C/C++/Java. I am a sys-ops guy in Linux. I have been doing some bash shell scripting for while now. I have been thinking of doing some kick ass development for some time now. For which i was evaluating the these languages and hence these thoughts. I dont like perl. I have been evaluating python in place of perl and hence i was thinking of learning python. I have made some progress in that direction. I bought a book on python 3 and have completed 3 chapters of it. i have read a couple of online introductory materials too. But work demands that i do some awk and sed things. I hate to do advanced awk and sed since as you go adavnced awk and sed the things looks less readable and it is no more plain scripting , it will have a small variation which will be like magic. i dont like magic. I want everything to be straightforward. If things are not straightforwards then i must be missing something. I believe nothing needs to be complex if you understand the problem well. If you are doing complex things to achive something , then propably you dont have good understanding of the problem or problem domain. Nothing deserves to be complex.

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