Monday, 11 June 2012

started too early and returned disappointed

Intel's ultrabook ads impressed me. I wanted to replace my current laptop to a ultrabook. Since i am a linux fan, i wanted a ubuntu ultrabook. I searched for ubuntu ultrabook in india, but found nothing. It seems that dell has released a ubuntu ultrabook called xps 13, but unfortunately it is not available in india (available in USA and some other places). very disappointed :( . Then i thought i would buy a windows ultrabook and then erase the windows and load it with ubuntu. Then i found that ultrabooks are nowhere near laptop prices. I see that they priced 70K INR and upwards. I feel that spending money on purchasing windows and then erasing it is not a good idea. Waste of money. I think 70K INR is way too costly for what it has to offer. what is offers are: slim laptop (really thin) and longer battery life. I think i will wait for the competition to heat up and bring down the prices. I will wait for the prices to come down and then buy it. 
I was looking for intel powered android 4.0 smartphone. XOLO fit that bill almost close. Its OS is 4 compatible but its 2.3 . Its price is 22K INR. Which is good. But i dont want to buy a 2.3 . I was looking for 4 ICS phone with intel processor. There aren't any. I searched for Android 4 phones in india, there wasnt any that impressed me. I think i have to wait for android 4 to become more prevalent in india.


  1. Ashwin, I was searching for the same, bud!! But I think rather than going for Ultrabook, it's better to go for MacBook Air or Pro. At least I am compelled to buy a OS that I seriously want to get rid of.

    1. Mac is not a option for me for two things:
      1) mac is costly
      2) mac is not linux. Windows and linux are popular not just because they are great, but b'cos they have a huge developer community which makes awesome application with it. Mac does'nt have a big dev community like linux or windows. I see that although quality of mac apps are good but they are fewer than win or linux. So i would never settle for a mac.