Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Areas of innovation

I feel the following areas has tremendous scope of improving and we can expect break through innovation. Atleast I am really interested :

  • Battery Technology . Esp., for smartphone. Smartphone batteries don't last long. Current technology is insufficient to provide long term battery. We need ways to pack more electric power per unit of space and also less current input to output loss. Hence saving us the time battery takes to charge. 
  • Data Communication networks :  From my experience as sys admin. I strongly believe that network can go miles of improvements. multipath tcp is step in that direction. SDN (Software defined networking) is also being developed. In this age of Cloud services, networking performance becomes very important. Current technology is based on assumption that servers are fixed inside cages of data centre. But virtualisation enables to make and destroy servers at will or need. Also we move servers from one physical server  to another physical server live. And then there is also wireless networks.

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