Saturday, 15 June 2013

apple forces me to use itunes if i want to ipod

It seems like i have to use itunes if i have bought ipod for managing music on ipod. I hate that. Ideally i should  be able to use any software to manage music and apple should limit itself to hardware capabilities.  What i was searching for is to use wmp on win 7 for managing ipod music. There seems to be plugin that does that, but it seems to perform badly and its a hack and not natively supported, so i didnt want to do that. There are a list of free software that allows manage music on ipod , but these are nowhere near the polish and maturity of wmp or itunes. So in the end i am forced to use itunes which i don't like.

Best audio format to rip your audio CD

I researched on the internet for best audio format to rip your audio cd and you don't mind the end result files  are huge. Among the two types of audio format in lossless format all audio details are preserved and hence they are huge in size and you mostly notice the beauty of the details when you have a good quality audio system. The other type is lossy audio format, in this some details are lost. Most popular audio format on this type is the mp3. One of the popular lossless format is wav. Generally same song in wav format is many times the size same in mp3 format.  I choose to rip my audio cd in wav format because storage is cheap and why loose quality when you have plenty of space. mp3 may be good when you are using some portable player where storage is constrained. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

dell xcd35 mobile does not support wifi n network.

For now discontinued product although not very old, mobile dell xcd35 does not support wifi n network. I switched my wireless router to n only network and then mobile stopped connecting. Then looked at the xcd35 specification here and came to know that this mobile does not support n network. What a crap.