Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Whoever founded websense should be shot in the head

I have had a chance to configure websense myself. So i have bit of knowledge of how it works. Websense is a product from juniper for web filtering. My company is using it. Though i dont have any control over it, I am just a end user suffering from the it harsh rules set by my company. I had configured it way back in past in another organisation i worked with and removed that feature soon after. Web filtering by websense is very harsh. A single category of blocking will block a wide range of sites and even if it is remotely connected to the category it blocks. But thats not my irk. My irk is that why would any company want to implement this product? What big saving or advantage do they derive out of implementing web filtering ? In my personal opinion you must be a asshole if you want to use this and whoever founded it should be shot in the head.
A sample assholeness from the team that manages it when i asked to unblock website:

As per over discussion over the call, URL: sites blocked for team under Instant Messaging Category. If you need access to this sites you have to fill up S.O. document form and we need your manager and infosec approval to allow this sites in our
corp websense.

Great , now continue with your bullshit and I see why you never grow up. 

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