Sunday, 17 November 2013

chennai to kanchipuram and back

I was looking to go from Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai to Varadar Perumal kovil, Kanchipuram. I took a 23c bus from beasant nagar to gandhi mandapam. At gandhi mandapam, i took a 47a bus (which is also from beasant nagar) i arrived at T Nagar bus stop. From T Nagar , i took the air conditioned bus 5xx that goes to kanchipuram as the last stop. It is not express and does stop at a few places more than you could expect from a express bus. It deviates from highway to go to Sriperambadur and one more place and then joins back to highway to reach kanchi. The cost of bus from T.Nagar to Kanchi is 100Rp.
I stared from my house at 2PM on Sunday and reached T Nagar at 2:50PM. The bus to Kanchi started at 3PM and reached Kanchi at 5PM. I took an auto to kovil, which he took 100Rp, which is a mistake. You should take a share auto to kovil which will cost you 10Rp, which is what i did on my way back to Kanchi bus stand. Another way to save is to get down at the closest point to kovil, which i am yet to figure out where the point is. But from what i here there is one. Maybe next trip i will find it out. Most of the divya desam kovil I saw were Thengalai temples. I am happy to note that Varadarajar kovil is a Vadakalai temple.
I suppose there are other ways to get to the temple. Like i saw there is a railway station in kanchi. So it should be possible to board the train from Guindy to reach Kanchi. But i guess such trains would be long wait and few. I also hear that there are buses from Tambaram which goto Kanchi, but i guess it would all be low class. Of course you can take a bus from CMBT (koyabedu) to Kanchi. This would be the best option in case you are near CMBT or once the metro rail work completes.

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