Saturday, 7 December 2013

NEFT transfer time in India

I transferred money from one bank to different bank via NEFT and measured the time. I did it during the time period of NEFT, so transferring post time is definitely going to many times longer depending upon how far away from neft time you are transferring. For me it took 1 hour and 30 minutes. So i suppose that for most transaction it would take within 2 hours. Note that this time does not include the time taken by bank to authorize adding account to the transfer list.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Effect of recent influx of villager youth in chennai

I have seen that of late there has been big boom of village youth who do BE and come to city for job. They basically studied in Tamil as medium of instruction for all subjects like science, history ,etc. Hence their English is sub standard. They have been murdering the English spelling for Indian names like below:

  • samy  for swami
  • vagatesan for vekatesan
  • ragul for rahul
  • asok for ashok
And the list goes on. As once said by Einstein that intelligence has limits and stupidity is limitless. The same applies here. 

The issue does not stop there. They bring with them the practice they follow in rural areas which spoils the already pathetic city. For example traffic.

It is common for village to have narrow lane and no traffic lights. So they do the same driving here. They drive at full speed in wrong direction. Since they don't have the concept of wrong way in village. They never had traffic light in village roads. So when traffic light changes to red, they don't give a damn. My city in the beginning had meter for auto. Meter for auto in village does not work, because of small size of the village. So they pay upfront for auto. They bought the same system to Chennai and spoiled the auto drivers. Now auto drivers would see me in hatred if i ask for meter even when there is government rule to enforce meter in auto plying in chennai. Chennai is no where near the size small, so it should have meter. When all other major cities in India run meter i think there is no reason why chennai should not have meter.

These villagers who come to settle in my city ruin my city which is already in pathetic state as done by the previous set of settlers from village. TN sucks and chennai in TN sucks least. Lets not make Chennai worse.