Thursday, 25 September 2014

cygwin , Zim

I tried to set home directory of cygwin instal in windows 7 64 bit.  This article in stackexchange is a awesome guide and works for me. Basically you have to set a home vairable and you have to use mkpasswd utility and mkgroup utility to set your home directory to windows user profile location.

For the last tow days i made extensive search for a personal wiki for recording my notes. I found connectedtext to be awesome. I am willing to pay the 40$ for it. But they dont support Linux. So that means no no. My one goal of working on a wiki is it to have versioning feature. I found that Zim wiki fits all of these needs. But looks ugly and has a learning curve unlike webserver based wiki. I am going to place the wiki notes folder in dropbox. So that i can access my notes from anywhere. Also i am going to place the portable version of zim in the dropbox, so that non availablity of zim wont be a problem. For example in my company network, they block most things and espcially software sites are blocked. So this exe in dropbox will be helpful i think. Since dropbox account is password protected, I get some privacy in my notes.

Zim portable  is not a standalone exe but for use through usb drive and it is regular installer. So portable is going out of dropbox.